Frequent and Consistent: How Often to Take CBD

Frequent and Consistent: How Often to Take CBD

How to get the most relief out of your CBD products

CBD: The more frequently you take it, the better it works


Taking CBD is a highly personalized experience.  Everyone’s body is unique, and so everyone reacts to CBD in their own unique way.  This is one of the main reasons why such a vast array of products are available on the market.  It allows users to customize their hemp experience based on their needs, preferences, body and other factors. One factor that deserves much more attention, is frequency. 

When we create a hemp routine for ourselves or with a Certified Wellness Consultant, we take a lot of things into consideration.  We determine the right milligram strength based on how potent we want or need the hemp to be per dose.  We consider the delivery method, such as tinctures, topicals, or edibles, as this not only produces unique effects, but appeals to our senses. And, we consider which type of extract  we consume based on the compounds that we deem the most desirable. But the factor that deserves much more consideration is frequency. 

Research shows that “The odds of using CBD to treat a medical condition were 1.79 (95% CI, 1.46–2.19) times greater among respondents using it more than once per day compared with those using it daily.”¹ Why does increased frequency tend to give us better results? The answer is homeostasis. Homeostasis is “The maintenance of a relatively stable internal environment by an organism in the face of a changing external environment and varying internal activity using negative feedback mechanisms to minimize an error signal.”²  Plus, by using the products with more frequency, they have a stronger impact and therefore you are putting your investment in CBD to work. 

Set your frequency of use by being consistent. Even the most absorbable products, such as Water Soluble, may maintain effectiveness for 7-9 hours. A few drops here and there are good for acute pain, but if you are treating a more chronic or severe condition, frequency is vital for results. So set a routine for yourself to ensure consistency. Whether it’s keeping Water Soluble beside your coffee pot to add to the first cup of the day, or Topical Cream in your gym bag before a workout, consistent use encouraged by routines allows you to be proactive and stay ahead of the pain, stress and anxiety. 

Visit a Certified Wellness Consultant today to find out what products are best for you and frequency of use to optimize the results. Healthy is happy :) 


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