How We Got Here

Taking the driver’s seat in terms of our own health seems to be more of a daunting task than it should be - this was the realization that I had.

It was on a drive to Texas, in the middle of the summer, in 2017. That is when I first came across “CBD”. A friend who was with me, he was using it to help control his anxiety and catastrophizing nature. At first glance, as most would, I only saw the tie to THC, I.E. “getting high” and instantly wanted nothing to do with it. Of course, this was largely due to the fact that I was barely 1 year out of rehab, still very fresh on my feet and not wanting to risk my recovery. Still, I dismissed it and thought nothing of it afterward.

A year later, I am sitting in Wichita, KS, enjoying a kombucha outside of a small shop and across from me is a “CBD American Shaman”. I now find myself 2 years into my recovery, feeling a bit more solid on my feet, yet still having elements of my “day-to-day” that are hard to accept and let go. I decided to go in and check it out. Like many, I felt a bit anxious, nervous, maybe even scared? I was greeted by Tom, very warmly, softly, almost as a long time friend. This was the first day I found that missing piece, CBD.

I came back from that trip on FIRE. I had never felt so sure of something in my life. The way that I felt, how clear and easy my days seem to be. It was as if someone just unhooked me from this weight and cleaned off the windshield at the same time. I brought back with me a hope of being able to give anyone and everyone what I found, a driver’s seat in your own health.

We started CBD American Shaman of PA to give everyone in our communities somewhere they can go, that they are welcomed and feel comfortable. Comfortable in their surroundings, in their choices and in those whom they place their trust. To give each one of us the ability to take a driver's seat in terms of our own health.

We chose CBD American Shaman because of their commitment to quality, consistency and technology. They truly mean “nature, enhanced by science” when they provide natural, organic compounds, refined with proprietary nano-technology to increase bioavailability 9 times greater than conventional tinctures. With endorsements like the Hemp Seal of Authority and being one of the few companies that sit on the Hemp Round Table, I knew that CBD American Shaman was one of the few companies that cared more about the customer than the sale.

We are not here to just sell you the CBD you pick out of a box or what is on the wall. We are not an email response that leaves you with only more uncertainty and more questions. We create each store to be a space, an experience. We employ those who have an empathetic approach and an earnest desire to help everyone who comes into one of our stores. Each and everyone of us use the products that we represent and are so passionate about.

We all have a story and a background of pain, discomfort, confusion and uncertainty. I ask you to bring your story into one of our stores. Let us help you take control of how that story is written from today on.

- Michael Reisinger (CEO of American Shaman of PA)