CBD For Holiday Stress

CBD For Holiday Stress

The holiday season should be a time of gathering, kindness, peace, happiness and love. So why do we often feel so stressed this time of year? Not only do we have fewer daylight hours, which has a significant effect on our psyche, but we also deal with long travel times, traffic, and constant family planning. As well as larger crowds when shopping for our loved ones, and not to mention, those dreaded work deadlines. 

The good news is, CBD can help with ... you guessed it, stress! High levels of stress, tension, or even anxiety can make the holiday season seem daunting, when it really shouldn’t be. Feeling stressed, or having upticks in anxiety symptoms can make us feel like we just don’t want to participate in some holiday activities. CBD can change that, quite quickly I might add. The best way to get relief from stress with CBD this holiday season is by ingesting it. 

Ingesting CBD is most effective because your body stores more of it and releases it slowly. Thus, giving you longer relief. This is very beneficial during that long Christmas week! CBD has been found to have wonderful calming effects, reacting within your cannabinoid receptors to bring that stress level down from a 10 to a 2! Bringing your body and mind back to a more balanced state. Depending on which form of CBD you ingest, you can get relief within twenty minutes or two hours. Edibles, like brownies, may take more time to process through your digestive tract. For myself, I have noticed that our line of CBD American Shaman Brownies, coupled with my metabolic rate, take around forty five minutes to one hour to feel the effects. Although this stress relief lasts me around six to eight hours. 

For faster and even longer relief during this time of year, I would highly recommend using CBD American Shaman Water Soluble tincture. The Water Soluble tincture can be dropped into anything that you are drinking. Water, tea, coffee, or even that lovely morning mimosa. Since the Water Soluble tincture consists of emulsified CBD molecules, it blends perfectly in any liquid. It also begins to absorb directly into the stomach lining. Instead of waiting to be processed by the liver. Numerous customers here, and myself, have noticed that we get relief within twenty minutes of using the Water Soluble product. The kicker here is, whatever does not get absorbed by your stomach, then passes through your liver, gets processed there, and then takes effect in conjunction with what your body is already using. 

This is excellent news for those of us who are constantly on the go! Drop some into your coffee and hit the ground running in the morning. Or if you prefer water, drop some in to a 20oz water bottle and carry that with you during your holiday travels. Not only have I felt relief within twenty minutes, I have felt relief last for a total of ten consecutive hours. Now who wouldn’t want that long lasting relief when dealing with the crazed holidays? For those worried about taste, we have five different flavors, natural, lemon, grape, cherry limeade, and pina colada. I personally see the natural and lemon flavors sought after more than others simply because they blend in things most of us drink every single day, like coffee, tea, or water. Stop in at one of our locations for more info, and for a free in-store sample. 

Don’t let your inner Grinch come out this holiday season, tame it down with some CBD and enjoy the holiday festivities the way you were meant to. Happy Healing!