CBD Product Color Variation

From Oil Tinctures, to edibles, and even flower products, color can vary. Working in the cannabis industry for close to three years, It is within my own experience that I have noticed this color variation with so called “batches” of product. The color of each product will change throughout the year. Depending on when certain products were harvested, how they were extracted, and even what oils they were cut with.

For example: Honey harvested early in the year will be a different color compared to honey harvested later in the year. Even though it was produced from the same bees, and the same plants. This is true for most oil products as well, as each “batch” is harvested at a different time. Not only will the color change, but the CBD content may change as well. Where one oil is thinner, the next batch of oil may be thicker, with different levels of CBD each time. This will also be noticeable depending on which regions the product was grown and harvested in, along with what soils and fertilizers the hemp was grown with.

Some batches will produce more or less CBD, thus requiring more or less product to be extracted to reach the desired CBD level for each individual product. At CBD American Shaman all hemp derived CBD products are lab tested to ensure equal and consistent CBD levels that are all natural, organic, and full spectrum regardless of their color.

Color and consistency will also vary between Isolate products and Full Spectrum products, as each is extracted through a different process. Isolates usually remove certain properties of the plant product, whereas full spectrum products normally include all properties of the entire plant itself.

So whether the products you purchase are light or dark color, or vary in consistency, the contents still remain the same.