Next Up - Nanotechnology!

Next Up - Nanotechnology!

There is a new term going around the CBD world, actually the entire Cannabis industry to be more exact, and that is: Nanotechnology. What is Nanotechnology, and what does it mean for you?

Well, no need to stress because it’s actually quite simple on the consumer end of
things. Mainly all molecules are whole molecules, until they are changed by scientists. All cannabinoids, including CBD, are whole molecules at the time of extraction. These whole molecules (CBD) are used in tinctures, vape products, edibles and so on. These CBD molecules are absorbed into, and used by your body to help decrease inflammation, heal injuries, decrease anxiety, decrease stress, fight infections and much much more. While whole molecules are very effective in their own way, nanotechnology steps in to make it a bit better all around.

Nanotechnology is a process used by our lab specialists to take a whole molecule, and break or “fracture” it into smaller pieces. This even allows the molecules to dilute in water, which makes it more bioavailable to your body's needs. Instead of your body absorbing and using a full molecule, it now absorbs broken pieces of the entire molecule. This increases the absorption rate by nearly 10x that of a whole molecule. Your body absorbs the nano CBD molecules at a higher rate, so you get the relief you need faster. Since the CBD reaches your receptors faster you don’t lose as much through your metabolization process. Essentially allowing you to have relief for even longer throughout the day!

So far in my time working with CBD I have seen many improvements come about in regards to effectiveness. I have used whole molecule, as well as nanotech products. While each has its benefit, I can honestly say the Nanotechnology really does increase the effectiveness and duration for which your body retains and uses CBD.

So when you see Nanotechnology on labels, do not fret, it is still safe, it is still all
natural, and it is still very effective! Even so, it is up to each of us to decide what is best for our own personal needs.